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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Question: Who can qualify for an online doctor ?

A. Everyone qualifies-at all ages!   There are no age restrictions because this service is not a health insurance plan.  There are no contracts or pre-qualifications.

2) Question: Can I cancel my membership at any time? 

A.  Yes, you  can cancel your monthly membership at any time, just do not pay the next month, and your account will automatically expire.   Sign back up anytime.

3) Question: What is your refund policy?  You may request a refund within 3 days of joining any membership plan and before making any doctor calls.   Refunds for the Annual Plan are pro-rated to the end of the first 3 months.  No refunds are given after the first 3 months, since your account will remain open for one year.   

4) Question: I bought a Basic Care Monthly Plan.  How can I extend my plan for more months at the low membership monthly price?

A. In 7 days after signing up, you will receive a membership offer by physical mail, from our partners at Healthiest You.  You will be offered to sign up for a monthly billing service of only $11.00/month for individuals and $15.00/mo for couples and families.  You cannot transfer payments toward another plan, but you can always upgrade or sign up for one of the Complete Care Plans at any time. 

5) Question: What If I Miss A Monthly Payment?

A. You have a grace period of 7 days, and then your service will be terminated.  You will have to re-register at the full price later.  Be sure to pay your membership fees on time, or avoid the monthly bill with an Annual Plan and save more money.

6) Question: What kind of experience do the doctors have? 

A. All online doctors speak English and are U.S board certified, with at least 20 years of experience.

7) Question: Where are the online doctors licensed and located?

A. When you call, an online doctor is selected by the one who is closest to you. Each online doctor is licensed and residing within your own home state, or from the state that you are calling from.

8) Question:  Do You Accept Health Insurance or an HSA?

A.  We keep our prices low by avoiding health insurance fees.  We only accept self-pay by credit cards or PayPal.  We want to make healthcare simple. Try it out and see.  You have nothing to lose, except an online Doctor For 24 Hours.

9) Question: What if I want a second opinion about my own doctors diagnosis and care plan? 

A.  If you purchased the Annual Savings Plan, you will be able to call the Best Doctors agency for any medical uncertainty, or second opinion.  Get the right information from Best Doctors, so you can make the right medical decision for you and your family.

10) Question:  Can I use an iPhone or an Android, to use the Free Doctor App?

A.  Yes.  You will be able to download an app from Apple or Google

11) Question:  Can I get a refill for long-term medication if I am traveling?

A.  A medication refill for non-narcotic medications may be provided for a limited supply of 30 days every 6 months.  For example, medications needed for cholesterol, hypertension and antibiotics may be given if needed.

12) Question: Can an online doctor report my findings to my own PCP/doctor’s office? 

A.  Yes, simply enter your PCP address, fax and phone number, so we can call or fax your doctor any documents or notes about your online doctor visit.

13) Question: How long will I have to wait to speak with a doctor? 

A.  The average wait time is 9 minutes, but if there is a long delay, you will get a call within 1 hour.

14) Question: Can I get a doctor’s excuse note?

A. After your online consultation and if it is medically necessary, a work or school excuse note will be delivered to you online, through your Message Center.  You may then print or download the note.

15) Can you become my Primary Care Provider? 

A. No.  A doctor online is for basic urgent care and not intended to replace a primary care physician or other licensed healthcare provider. 


Disclaimer: This is not health insurance, or an expensive government sponsored program. We find and give you a fast and affordable healthcare option, if you choose not to pay for expensive health insurance. We do not replace your need for a doctor’s office visit in person. If needed, call 911, or go to an urgent care/emergency room.

You should do your own research and confirm the information with other sources when searching for health information online and always review the information carefully with a professional health care provider.  Doctor For 24 is an informational product that refers you to an affordable online doctor service, with special discounts we obtain from Teledoc Inc and Healthiest You.  Doctor For 24 Hours is not directly engaged in rendering medical services or advice, via this website, or phone operators, doctor assistants, or in our products. 

Welcome to our "Health" Club. It will be our pleasure to help you!